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SightLabs’ platform provides Managed Network Detection & Response to detect anomalies and security threats. Our platform gives you all the tools to detect the undetected and helps you improve your company’s security.

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SightLabs, in continuous cooperation with TNO

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SightLabs is part of a network-centric group of companies. In continuous co-operation with TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research), we research and develop solutions to address security issues. We provide you with a platform that has multiple modules to prevent cyber attacks from suspicious activity in your company’s network. With high-fidelity alerts, we can notify your security team of breaches or suspicious activity, so you can detect the undetected.

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Tim Ruhl SightLabs
Tim Ruhl


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Olaf Hasker SightLabs
Olaf Hasker


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Martijn Brugman SightLabs
Martijn Brugman

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Mattijs van der Laan SightLabs
Mattijs van der Laan

Business Developer

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