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How do you know which alert has high priority?

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How do you know which alert has high priority?

It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack

It is a never-ending struggle to balance the workload of the people working at your SOC. False positives can drown your employees in a pile of work, which causes them to miss the alerts that really matter. What you need are high-quality alerts on which you can easily act to keep your organisation secure. SightLabs believes that everybody can be hacked, but what matters most is: how quickly can you respond when it happens? How quickly can you find that needle?

Holistic overview

Because the SightLabs modules work with netflow data instead of network probes, we generate a more holistic view of the threats you are facing. And because of the high quality of the signals, you don’t need to invest in extra FTEs. Without having to introduce intrusive probes in your network, we can give you a more complete and holistic view of how users are behaving in your network. We do all of this based on years of research and in collaboration with The Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research (TNO). We continuously develop solutions to tackle new and emerging threats. In this way, we stay focused and up to date on all new developments in the world of cyber security. 

Keep them in one place

Our solutions are detached from a SIEM environment because it simply cannot process the high volumes of netflow data. But we do provide the option to connect any of the models we offer to your SIEM or SOAR environment with our connectivity bus. This gives you the opportunity to get all your alerts in one place – you no longer have to collect different alerts from different places. SightLabs creates a space in which all alerts come together, making it easier to distinguish which ones have priority.

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With the philosophy ‘everybody can be hacked’ in mind, we offer a broad range of solutions. These solutions oversee the broadest possible playing field within your own network. We give you full insight into your organisation’s DNS traffic and high-fidelity alerts based on deviations and periodicity of classified DNS requests. With Anomaly Detection we can find anomalies in Wide-Area Network (WAN) traffic patterns by using existing network devices as a data source. These modules can be expanded with additional clustering and classification features. We also offer Network Behaviour Analysis where we use netflow data to detect specific communications patterns for numerous attack techniques.

We help you find that needle quicker, and even find needles you would not have found before!


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