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Press Release: Dutch Chamber of Commerce and SightLabs enter into strategic collaboration

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KVK en SightLabs gaan samenwerking aan

Utrecht, 22nd of September 2022 – The Dutch detection specialist SightLabs and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce are joining forces to provide the Chamber’s network infrastructure with cybersecurity solutions. The collaboration focuses on implementing effective Network Detection & Response security solutions, particularly in the phase of a potential or actual breach of the Chamber’s network. SightLabs is the leading specialist in this field, with experience in anomaly detection, behavioural analysis, clustering, and classification for detecting intruders in organisations’ networks.

SightLabs is a cybersecurity specialist and spin-off company of research institute TNO. SightLabs was created in response to the need of companies, particularly in the SME+ and Corporate segments, for timely detection of intruders within their own networks. Unlike technology that largely focuses on detecting intruders based on already known characteristics, SightLabs focuses on new, unknown intruders who have gained access through highly targeted attacks.

‘The network is a very sensitive and business-critical factor at the Chamber of Commerce,’ says Norbert Eelman, Manager of Cybersecurity at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. ‘The challenges in this area continue to grow, as the Log4j security leak — discovered at the end of last year — also showed. To increase our overall resilience as an organisation, including in terms of IT security, we have set up an extensive selection of cybersecurity services and have expanded these even further with the SightLabs platform.’

Shared focus on the holistic view of cybersecurity

The agreement between the Chamber of Commerce and SightLabs is based on the vision of being better able to deal with the threats. ‘It is essential to be able to process the enormous amount of network data in a way that enables you to detect the proverbial needle in the haystack,’ says Martijn Brugman, CCO at SightLabs.

The Chamber of Commerce saw the need arise to be able to detect intruders in other ways as well. Because of its valuable intellectual property, the Chamber of Commerce is an attractive target for highly targeted attacks by criminal organisations. These highly targeted attacks are difficult to detect according to traditional detection methods. One way of detecting intruders without knowledge of their characteristics is to use behavioural recognition.

About the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce provides information, education, and support to businesses on important topics relating to business. Its statutory tasks are aimed at registering, informing, and advising businesses. As an independent administrative body, the Chamber of Commerce is directed at a national level and linked to regional connections with substantive input from advisory councils. The Chamber of Commerce’s most important asset is the Commercial Register – the foundational register in which all companies and legal persons are registered. All other organisations that participate in the course of business are also listed in this register. Around 1,500 people work for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce across eighteen branches in the Netherlands.

About SightLabs

SightLabs is a spin-off of TNO and like its sister companies NetDialog and MeasureWorks, part of the Nexus International Holding company since the acquisition in 2021. NetDialog continuously monitors and analyses the performance, user experience, and delivery of applications in IT infrastructures, as well as the overall performance of wide area networks (WANs), providing up-to-date, easy-to-understand analytical information. MeasureWorks enables its customers and their ecosystem partners to create a performance-focused mindset and deliver fast, responsive, and available user experiences to their end users.

SightLabs focuses on developing- and marketing of cybersecurity solutions that go a step further than everyday detection systems. Using the NetX technology of  NetDialog, SightLabs has developed a state-of-the-art Network Behaviour Anomaly Detection platform that is capable of timely detection of unknown malicious intrusions into internal networks.


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