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The SOCCRATES project

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The SOCCRATES project

SightLabs’ technology has been part of the SOCCRATES project and helped develop the platform throughout its stages. The focus will lie on cutting the time that SOC/CSIRT staff spends on looking into security events through automation, and allowing them to spend more time on important and complex tasks like threat hunting. At SightLabs, we believe that the core values of this project are vital to the future of cyber defence and need to be developed to make them available for wider use.

Why is this important?

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, more intense, and IT systems are getting more complicated. The vital IT infrastructures are protected by Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs), and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP’[s). Many organisations have stepped up their security monitoring and incident response operations in order to address the concerns of increasing cyber threats. However, despite these expanded defence measures, the exposure to cyber threats cannot be sufficiently decreased. The present defence mechanisms cannot keep up with the speed and volume of the attacks. The SOCCRATES project seeks to contain this growing threat. 

To be prepared for present and future threats, we must reinvent SOCs and CSIRTs by automating components of threat identification, analysis, and response. 

How do we do this?

For SOCs and CSIRTs of individual organisations and provided by MSSP, SOCCRATES intends to create and deploy a new security platform. By utilising this platform, they will considerably increase their capacity to swiftly and efficiently detect and respond to new cyber threats and attacks. The platform includes cutting-edge techniques for automated infrastructure modelling, improved attack detection, Cyber Threat Intelligence utilisation, AI and machine learning-based threat trend prediction, and automation using Attack Defence Graphs (ADG). It also involves business impact modelling to support human analysis and decision-making on the best course of action, enabling the execution of defensive actions at machine speed.

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