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Classification provides you with complete insight into your network services and clients. This information is crucial for understanding your IT landscape and better understanding the impact of potential breaches.

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Obtain complete insight of the network services and clients


Improve the effectiveness of the Anomaly Detection and Behaviour Analysis modules


Provides insight into the business impact of breaches

Classification - Gain more insight

Classification: gain more insight

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The SightLabs’ Classification module gives organizations full insight into the network devices and services in their infrastructure. Using network flow data the Classification module will identify all network services and clients. This information not only helps organizations to better understand their IT landscape, but also provides insight into the impact of security breaches. Finally, the classification information is used as input for the Anomaly Detection and Clustering modules.

Use existing network devices as data source

Detect the undetected

Highly scalable and cost-effective cyber security solution

Fend off hackers, classify your network data

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Classification of your network data is an essential module for understanding your network. This fits into our overall platform strategy: using existing data sources to detect adversary behaviour. By using existing data sources a holistic view is obtained; no more blind spots in your IT landscape. This strongly improves the chances of detecting the undetected: the advanced hacks that have passed your defences and are preparing to majorly impact your organization. Do not allow hackers to hide on your own turf.

Fend off hackers, classify your network data

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