Network Behaviour Analysis

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Detects various malicious attacks by analyzing specific patterns in the network data from your existing network devices.

Network behaviour analysis background

Use network flow data to detect specific communication patterns for numerous attack techniques


Benefit from years of cybersecurity research by the leading Dutch research institute TNO


Valuable alerts from day one

Behavior Analysis-valuable from the start

Behaviour Analysis:valuable from the start

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The Behaviour Analysis module takes in network flow data and uses a number of detectors to find specific communication patterns. Years of research by the Dutch research institute TNO has resulted in a set of detectors that discover DNS tunnels, illegal VPNs, fast flux techniques, exfiltration techniques, and port scans. Behaviour Analysis does not require a learning phase and therefore will give valuable alerts from the start. 

Use existing network devices as data source

Detect the undetected

Highly scalable and cost-effective cyber security solution

Detect the undetected with Behaviour Analysis

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Behaviour Analysis detects many common attack techniques using netflow data. This fits in our overall platform strategy: using existing data sources to detect adversary behaviour. By using existing data sources a holistic view is obtained; no more blindspots in your IT landscape. This strongly improves the chance of detecting the undetected: the advanced hacks that have passed your defences and are preparing to impact your organization. Do not allow hackers to hide on your own turf.

Detect the undetected with Behavior AnalysisDetect the undetected with Behaviour Analysis

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