Whitepaper:Threat Detection

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Keeping cybercriminals out of your network can no longer be the only way to defend your organisation. How quickly you can find and confine a threat, determines the amount of damage that is done. Today, threat detection is a vital component of cybersecurity defence. In this whitepaper we explain to you which tactics are used by intruders and how you can start detecting these types of threats. Download the whitepaper now and start reading!

Whitepaper Threat Detection

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All about threat detection:

Different types of attacks

From Ransomware to Attack Persistent Threats, we cover the three most common cybersecurity threats and what they entail.

The MITRE ATT&CK matrix

We dive deeper into the MITRE ATT&CK matrix to show you exactly which steps are undertaken by cybercriminals and why some cyberattacks go undetected.

Benefits of early detection

The sooner you catch them, the better. This way they can’t cause too much damage. In this whitepaper we explain how you can make sure a threat is detected early on.

Let threat detection
help you

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Find out which strategies are commonly used by intruders, and how you can catch them before they cause too much damage to your organisation. The most dangerous types of cyberattacks are those that concern threats that come from inside your network. Make sure you detect intruders within your network: read this whitepaper to learn more about their strategies and everything you can do to prevent a cyberattack from within. Start detecting the undetected!

About SightLabs

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At SightLabs we are keen on sharing our knowledge with you. Being the leading expert in detecting anomalies in your network with our DNS ninja, clustering and anomaly detection, we know what we are talking about. We want you to be able to detect the undetected and increase your cybersecurity. We not only provide you with the knowledge, but also with the tools to increase your cybersecurity.

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Whitepaper Threat Detection

Download the whitepaper on threat detection

Get insights on what it entails, how to prevent it and which tools to use. After reading this you will know …